Thanks for visiting my website. Here you’ll discover the sorts of projects and activities I undertake as a professional historian and curator.

I’ve thirty years’ experience in historical research, scholarly editing, and university teaching. In 2009, I decided to leave the formal classroom and make my way into museum curatorship. This transition took place during the Great Recession, and the way to gainful employment took four years. Let’s just say I won’t be able to retire, but then again, in the history biz one just keeps working. And I enjoy working!

I keep busy beyond my employment with helping others in learning and keeping and doing history. In 2008 I helped to establish a historical society in my Ohio hometown. I served as the Vienna Historical Society historian for ten years. Please check out the Society’s website to discover what a group of dedicated individuals can do to preserve the past and create community in a small town. What research I have undertaken and edited may be found on Viennapedia. Established in March 2012, this encyclopedia now boasts over 450 entries.