Penny Auctions in Ohio, 1933

The weather today outside matches the weather that farmers in Wood County endured when they traveled to Wally Kramp's farm on February 26, 1933. There some 700-800 farmers stood out in the cold and staged a "penny auction" to save Kramp from foreclosure for an $800 loan he could not repay. They bid pennies on… Continue reading Penny Auctions in Ohio, 1933


Vienna Historical Society’s 2011 Cemetery Walk

Thank goodness we had lovely weather in Northeast Ohio for Vienna Historical Society's Second Annual Historic Cemetery Walk, 22-23 October 2011! Over sixty people toured the gravestones, investigating the Civil War through the experiences of Vienna residents. We discovered who went to war, who purchased substitutes and why, and how those who stayed at home… Continue reading Vienna Historical Society’s 2011 Cemetery Walk